R.E. Vaughn

Feral Writer | Book Fiend | Southerner | Veteran | Pilot | Mad Scientist | All Around Stubborn Person 

R.E. Vaughn enjoys reading and writing Contemporary Realistic Short Stories and Flash Fiction. The imperfections of the human dynamic intrigue him most.

Readers will find his stories more character driven than plot intensive, with an emphasis on placing ordinary people in unusual yet believable situations and settings.

A Southerner by virtue of ancestry, birth, and choice, R.E Vaughn has lived in Europe, and on the Big Island of Hawaii. He currently make his home in the South, not far from the mountains of North Carolina, and the beaches of South Carolina. He hopes to retire one day to the quiet and solitude of farm life, away from the city, and continue his writing. His wife and cats have promised an occasional visit.

An avid reader, he prefers the works of Leslie Pietrzyk, Hillary Jordan, Pinckney Benedict, Chanelle Benz, Tim McLaurin, A.M.Homes, Richard Russo, Donald Hall, Raymond Carver, Lauren Groff, Gretel Ehrlich, Dorothy Allison, and Daniel Woodrell. 

Connect with R.E. Vaughn on Twitter and Facebook. Questions? Feel free to email him at: wingsaway51@hotmail.com

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