"There's no doubt all the characters will guide you to that dark place that's been a well-kept secret. "⁠-R.E. Vaughn

Fragile Boundaries and other stories - Available December 2020

Published in both ebook and print formats. Exclusively on Amazon. 

R.E Vaughn's Fragile Boundaries and other stories is a collection of twenty-five short contemporary realistic fiction pieces, each story an unsettling but realistic glimpse through the window of other people's lives.

Readers will find this new and upcoming author's daring and provocative stories more character driven than plot intensive, with an emphasis on the imperfections of the human dynamic, placing ordinary people in unusual yet believable situations and settings, some dark and malevolent, others light and humorous, all undeniably interesting.

Inside you'll find a reader favorite "Lambs Shouldn't Mess with Lions," a bruising memory about young people who love and hate like crazy, set in a time when grievances were settled with fists and not guns, by a generation then just as vulnerable to all the temptations and dreams as teens of today; "Joy Ride," a journey of discovery for a couple in a dying relationship that can't be rescued; and "How To Set A Woman On Fire," in which a young mother, recently widowed, lets known her priorities to the mortician relentlessly pursuing her affection.

Writing in the voices of characters readers aren't likely soon to forget, R.E. Vaughn offers a unique view in the everyday lives and dreams of totally ordinary people in situations not so ordinary. 

"A daringly honest look at the private moments in character's lives."                                               Amazon Book Review

"The voice of each character is distinct, as they vary in gender, age, and life experiences and Vaughn does a good job of putting the reader into the headspace of each."                                        -Reedsy Discovery Review

     " . . . unexpected and seemed satisfyingly complete and you fooled me author R.E. Vaughn . . . well done. I liked that the whole issue was so typical of a lot of people in today's society, the author has you looking one way but what's really going on in the other direction. You will have to read this book for yourself."

-Goodreads Book Review-

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